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My Muses

The word muse has a plethora of meanings. When it refers to a person, it can mean that they are a source of inspiration and creativity. It’s a word that has come to life on a personal level over the past year. Don’t they say that you won’t work a day in your life if[…]

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Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Internship

By: Summer Cabrera Internships don’t last a lifetime, and if you’re actively looking for one, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your experience.   BE PRESENT- Sometimes it’s hard to leave the past in the past and let the future be in the future. Focusing on the present day/week[…]

The Impact of Local Partnerships and Social Media Influencers

  Depending on the size of your agency, company or department, you are able to create considerable budgets, packages, or partnerships with these influencers. If you’re on the smaller side, you just have to be a little more strategic than the next gal. We can’t all be the Ritz Carlton’s of the world and that’s[…]

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The Power of Social Media Influencers

Question Have you ever considered exactly how big of an impact social media has on businesses today? How much time would you say you spend on social media every day, throughout the week, or even over the span of one year? Social Data According to, 56 percent of Americans have at least one profile[…]


Tips to Make Your Event a Success

With all the various moving parts, event planning can easily become a nightmare if you’re not organized. Follow a few simple tips to avoid some common pitfalls and ensure your events are a success.   Check for Other Events Before You Set the Date No matter how fun, interesting or well marketed your event is,[…]