Keep Your Content Fresh and Engaging

4 Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Social Campaigns Stop Motion / Time-Lapse A stop motion movie is a fun and simplistic way to inform your audience on an upcoming event or social holiday. Whether it’s your monthly wine tasting or #nationalcoffeeday, these videos are easy to execute and highly engaging. They should generally be[…]

Google's new algorithm

Your Site Better Swing Both Ways

Is your mobile site ready for Google’s algorithm change? by whitney grimes While some people are queuing the lyrics, “It’s the end of the world as we know it,” it doesn’t need to be this dramatic – we promise. Google is expected to roll out a change in their algorithm next week and players in[…]


The Muses to My Media

By Maddie Dart, Intern at Muse Group Inspiration is all around me. I see stories in people and things, and truly believe that everyone and everything has a rhyme to its reason. Why is that girl on crutches? How did that coffee shop open? Where is that foreign exchange student from? There is always more[…]


PR Those Two Cryptic Letters

By, Jaclyn Coleman, Public Relations Director at Muse Group “I’m in PR” “What is PR? Is that some kind of banking system? Pure Results? Parks and Recreational stuff?” I can’t tell you how many times I get this question. I can see the puzzled looks on their faces, and it’s actually quite entertaining to hear[…]

Muse Group Reno

Let Us Be Your Muse

By, Courtney O’Neill, Creative Director at Muse Group Muse. Pronounced “myooz” or “myuz”. Say it with me now… Muuuusssee. Mmmm don’t you just love how your lips form to pronounce those letters? Us too! It’s magical, sensual and gives me creative goose bumps. Not only do we love saying our name over and over again,[…]