Let Us Be Your Muse

Let Us Be Your Muse

Muse Group - Let us be Your Muse

By, Courtney O’Neill, Creative Director at Muse Group

Muse. Pronounced “myooz” or “myuz”. Say it with me now… Muuuusssee. Mmmm don’t you just love how your lips form to pronounce those letters? Us too! It’s magical, sensual and gives me creative goose bumps. Not only do we love saying our name over and over again, but we also dig the meaning behind the word. It completely backs up who we are and what we do.

Think Andy Warhol and Edie Sedwick during the swingin’ sixties. That pixie cut dimpled sidekick not only inspired the leading figure of pop art but also danced her way into Bob Dylan’s lyrics.

For Jaclyn Coleman, Director of Public Relations at Muse Group, it’s her meditation and morning rituals for courting the fickle favor of the muse. For Interactive Marketing Director, Whitney Grimes, venturing the great outdoors is her secret to opening a new flow of creative ideas. All so different. All so muse.

We are Muse Group

By definition, “Muse” means: a woman, or force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. It also means deep thinking, and, if you’re into this kind of stuff, there’s some sweet mythology of nine goddesses symbolizing the arts and sciences.

Paint this picture… You, our client, are the creative artist. And we, Muse Group, are your inspiration.

Whatever business you are in, no one knows your company better than you do. Just like no one can do Bob Dylan better than Dylan himself. Maybe it’s a product you sell or maybe the product is an idea. It’s your restaurant. A green energy invention. A kickass event. It’s that one great idea you wholeheartedly believe in and want to share with the world.

Your problem? You are so consumed by making this product, whatever it may be, the best! You don’t have the time, energy or the knowledge about sharing it. Or maybe you tried and failed… miserably.

Your solution? Muse Group. You inspire us. Your ideas are the inspiration to our work and we know the best way to communicate your product to the world.

You are our muse just as much as we are yours. Together, client and Muse Group, we inspire each other to maximize your brand’s potential and maintain its longevity.

Muse Group offers a wide variety of services, including but not limited to: marketing, public relations, advertising and design.

The Muse team possesses young energy, fresh ideas, and, to put it bluntly, we work our asses off for you. Your success is our success, and we don’t take that lightly.

If Muse Group can’t do it then no one can! Ha! No. We aren’t that cheesy and stuck up. If we can’t do it, we have a little black book of people who can. We’ve befriended and partnered with only the best in the business because we don’t like wasting our time or your money.

Why work with Muse Group? The Muse team is built of hard working individuals who were born to work within this industry. Individually, we’ve won numerous awards in different areas of the business. As a group we are continuously sharing, reading and creating to strive. Strive, not just to maintain industry knowledge but to push ourselves as human beings. You will find our professional experience, educational background and the way Muse Group cohesively jumps n jives, makes us an excellent candidate to take your business to the next level. If word of mouth hasn’t gotten to you yet, it surely will soon.

Let us be your muse.