laura levin

seo specialist

search-engine-optimization-seo-web-design-laura-levin-renoLaura is in love with all things digital marketing. While she began as a journalist with a love of the written word, she fell into the marketing world and found it suited her. She is a Google Partner certified in both Google Analytics and Google Adwords with eight years of integrated marketing experience. Using a holistic approach to SEO that combines a deep understanding of both user intent and search algorithms, she uses data-driven strategies to help your website rank higher for key search terms. Each of her clients have found themselves on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and  with an increase in traffic, customers and sales.

When not working on strategic campaigns, Laura can be found speaking animatedly about the last book she read, pedaling about town on her bicycle or trying to round up a group of people for a good ‘ol fashion game of laser tag.

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