Things to Consider Before Doing Social Media Marketing in Europe

Things to Consider Before Doing Social Media Marketing in Europe

Running a social media marketing campaign in another country is always challenging due to the diverse cultural values that each nation has. Europe is no exception. However, when trying to do business or run a camping in Europe, the best thing to do is to think global, but act local. 

The most important aspect to keep in mind is to study the history of the country or countries in which the campaign will be run. Europeans are very proud of their heritage and the history of their country. That being said, people can get offended easily when  mistakes about their heritage are being made. 

Since there are multiple languages spoken in Europe and most Europeans speak at least two or three languages, it’s important to keep in mind the language barriers that exist. For example, in many languages such as Spanish and Italian, there is a formal and informal version of the word “you” and how each one is used matters a lot. 

The unique daily work schedule or extended vacation times in certain countries could also pose a challenge. For example, people from Spain take siestas during the early afternoon, where businesses shut down for a few hours, so employees can relax or take a nap. In the summer, many communities take prolonged vacations which should also be factored into any campaign planning.

Which social media platform your business uses is another crucial detail to remember. Facebook is still very prominent in Europe, while Twitter is not used as much as in the U.S. VKontakte known as VK, which means “InContact” in Russian, is a social media platform that is very similar to Facebook and is very popular in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe. Another app that Europeans use a lot is WhatsApp.

It’s important to know that a cell phone is more than an accessory to many Europeans. Cell phones are used as a representation of social class or as a fashion statement. Mobile services are extremely cheap in Europe compared to the U.S., which means that almost everyone has a smart phone. That is an essential factor for businesses to consider when they are determine how to reach their target audience on social media in Europe.

As always, the best thing to do is research! 

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